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Women Personalized Wellness Planner(WPWP)
Women Personalized Wellness Planner (WPWP) offers online wellness services especially dedicated to the needs and requirements of Women. It aims at monitoring and achieving wellbeing in Women. The planner not only assesses a woman’s health from nutritional, physical and psychological standpoint, but also provides an all round plan catering to each and every requirement of Women. It includes features like Personalized diet charts, Body composition analysis, Healthy food substitutes, Healthy recipes and Diet charts for various diseases, Monitoring of food and calorie intake, Prakruti assessment, Psychological assessment tests, etc.  
Basil Wellness is offering 40% discount on Women Personalized Wellness Planner (WPWP) which includes  
  • Basil Women PHA consists of brief questionnaire of modifiable and non-modifiable factors which evaluates an individual’s current health risks.
    1) Diet and Nutrition: This section reviews input on daily food habits, fat consumption, etc.
    2) Personal Habits Review: This section asks details regarding personal history, daily exercise, habits like smoking, drinking, etc.
    3) Your Health Review: Your Health Review will keep a count on frequency of doctor visits, medical treatment details, heart complaints, respiratory complaints, dental complaints.
    4) Emotional Health: Emotional Health will assess psychological wellness by taking into account the constant changes seen within a person in his social life, professional life, etc.
  • Personalized diet charts based on Basil Women personalized Health Assessment and the dietary review
  • Basil Calorie Bank is a tool which will help you to know and manage your daily caloric needs and also the output (calories) thus helping you to analyze and monitor your daily caloric needs.
  • Basil Clinical Diet Charts and Tips for various disease conditions will provide diet chart that is specific for a disease condition. We have Clinical Diet charts and tips for more than 100 disease conditions.
  • Basil Recipes provide more than 5000 recipes from different cuisines along with their detailed nutritional analysis.
  • Basil Psychological Tests to assess your personality patterns and traits.
    1) Depression test
    2) Anxiety test
    3) Confidence test
    4) Stress test
    5) Learning style test
    6) Assertiveness test
    7) Self efficacy test
    8) Self esteem test
  • Basil Prakruti Assessment to know your health as per vatta, pitta and kapha.
  • Body Composition Analysis will give you detailed evaluation of various body components thus helping to know your health status.
  • It comprises of the following
    1) Total Body Fat percentage,
    2)BMR, 3)Total Body water,
    4)Ideal Body Weight,
    5) BMI, Daily Recommended Value (DRV) of various nutrients
  • Healthy Food Substitutes give healthy and nutritious options making healthy eating easier.
  • Know What You Eat give complete nutritional analysis of each food ingredient that you want to know.
  • Articles on Nutrition provide informative indepth articles for healthy living.
  • Client support wherein the client can ask 4 queries, all inclusive in the above plans. 
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