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Psychology can be broadly defined as the study of the human mind and behavior. It is a systematic approach to the understanding of people, their thoughts, emotions and behavior.

The application of this understanding helps to solve human problems. It involves a comprehensive understanding of emotional issues at the deep root level which brings about health, happiness and functionality in the client.

The study of psychology allows one to appreciate the relationship between thoughts, emotions and the resulting behavior.

Behavior is understood in context of both, the physical and social conditions.

There are myths related to psychology such as ‘psychologists can read mind’ or only people with mental problems go to the psychologist. The fact is there are professionals who specialize in working with people struggling with mental disorders; this is not, by far, the only thing what all therapists do.

Psychologists also focus on normal developmental and adjustment issues like; choosing a career, managing stress, coping with life changes such as moving homes, entering retirement, the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one; dealing with depression and anxiety that may follow a traumatic event in which the client felt helpless and/or victimized, making healthy choices in relationships with friends, co-workers, spouse, and others, developing self-esteem, etc.

Some people go to therapist primarily for personal growth;  they may be highly functioning people, with successful jobs, close friends, and a good family life, who are seeking a greater level of self-actualization to reach their maximum potential.

Psychology contributes in various fields. There are psychologists working in industries, neuroscience, education, sports, forensic labs, schools etc.

However, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial psychology, social psychology and developmental psychology are the prime branches of psychology. 

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